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The Methodology of the Salaf Concerning Politics
  The Stratagem of the Activists in Ascribing Ignorance to the Imaams of Ahl us-Sunnah
Author: Dr. Ali bin Muhammad bin Nasir al-Faqihi
Source: Al-Furqan (no.101)
Article ID : MNJ080004  [37056]  

Dr Ali bin Muhammad bin Nasir al-Faqihi, when asked about the reasons for the presence of doubts about the scholars – in the context of ruling by the Shari’ah of Allaah and the desire of the political activists to establish it, replied: "Verily, the way of these people is just like those of the very first times in that they desire to separate the youth from the Scholars when they say, ‘the scholars do not understanding anything’ and when they speak evil about the key figures of the Ummah from amongst the Scholars. They also cause doubts about these scholars by their actions, so they say, ‘they do not understand anything of current affairs, and nor of the affairs of the society or what Islaam requires [in the current times], they only understand specific issues’ such as what is said for example, ‘the issues of womens menses and impurities’.

Something similar was stated by their likes (of the earlier times) as occurs in the book of ash-Shatibi ‘al-I’tisam’ when he mentions about a person from the Innovators that he said, ‘the thought of Ibn Seereen and Hasan al-Basri is one that does not extend beyond the cloths of menstruation!! And another one said, ‘Certainly, the thought of ash-Shafi’ee and Abu Haneefah does not go beyond the women’s undergarments’!!

This is what is meant, that those scholars, such as Hasan al-Basri, Ibn Seereen, Imaam ash-Shafi’ee, Imaam Abu Haneefah, those who are leaders of the Ummah, they say about them that they do not understand anything but that.

As for these contemporary ones, then they have come out with the same claims but with different ways and means. So they say, ‘These scholars do not understanding anything of current affairs, fiqh ul-waqi’, all they know is this particular fiqh, that of women’s menses and impurities.

So the purpose behind this is to separate the youth from the scholars, for when they have achieved such a separation between the youth and the scholars who give them understanding of the religion of Allaah, it then becomes possible for them to make them confused and enter them into whatever ideas they wish. And in such a manner have succeeded, because they have separated the society from this particular scholar or that one.

And the mischief-makers are capable of spreading whatever ideas they wish amongst the youth – because when the minds of the youth are corrupted, they fall into errors by which they harm themselves, the society they live in and the da’wah too. This is because these youth begin to seek understandings from each other, reading the hadeeths to one another and extracting the rulings from them (by themselves), and then begin implementing all this, in their views and in their desires. Yet if they had returned to the scholars, they would have explained all of this to them.

And the Khawarij, when they read the hadeeth, "One who fornicates, does not do so while he is a believer…", they said that such a one is a disbeliever, and they built their principle upon this. However, if there was a scholar amongst them, he would have said, "Come, there is another hadeeth, reported by Abu Dharr himself, ‘Whoever dies upon Tawhid will enter Paradise, even if he fornicated and stole’."

Therefore, the scholars are the ones who explain matters to the youth. But as for these people, then they cause doubts about the key figures of the Ummah, their goal being to separate the youth from the scholars so that they eventually do not understand anything and then begin to follow them in whatever they desire." (al-Furqan no. 101)


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