Salafi Publications was set up in the mid-1990s as a publishing house and online digital platform. Its immediate goal at the time was to counter the extremist currents of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwanis), the Quṭbists and the Surūrists, as well as the Taḥrīris, all of whom were carrying and operating upon the doctrines of the Khārijites of takfīr and khurūj. It was realised that these doctrines, by their very nature, only one have one inevitable outcome—as known through sound Islāmic creed as well as the lessons of history—and that is bloodshed and chaos. Al-Qaeda and ISIS were the eventual results of that doctrine that was revived by the likes of Ḥasan al-Bannā, Abū Aʾlā Mawdūdī, Sayyid Quṭb in the 20th century. Through those activities Salafi Publications have experience and expertise in counter-extremism and counter-radicalisation at the ideological and grass-roots levels.

In addition, Salafi Publications, through its publishing activities, aims to present the authentic, orthodox teachings of Islām, free of both extremism and neglect, in all the various fields of knowledge and practice.

On the Ground

By the grace of Allāh, a bookstore, two mosques and nationwide da’wah activities have been established. These platforms play a role in combatting extremism. Likewise, calling Muslims and non-Muslims to the orthodox, moderate Islām as practiced by the Prophet and his Companions, free of extremism and neglect, and which demands justice in all interactions with all people, regardless of race or creed.

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The Salafi Mosque, Birmingham, UK.
The 2nd Salafi Mosque, Birmingham, UK.
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Students of Knowledge

Numerous students of knowledge are involved in teaching both in and outside of Birmingham, nationally, and abroad.

The website of Abu Hakeem Bilal Davies.
The website of Abu Khadeejah. Articles, Ebooks, clarifications.
Abu Idrees
Twitter page of Abu Idrees Muḥammad